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Musical Improv Level 1 and 2 open for Registration!

Musical Improv is the most fun improv to do. Yes? Yes. Let us show you: Musical Improv 1: In this introductory level, students of all experiences and backgrounds are invited to learn the foundational skills of musical improv. Topics will include building memorable choruses, syncing up with simple choreography, rhyming fluidly, finding emotional point of […]

Satire Writing with Nate Odenkirk!

The Onion, The New Yorker, and You! Satire Writing with Nate Odenkirk (4 week course, $100) Want to write for The New Yorker? Think you have funnier headlines than The Onion? Daydream of getting noticed by a literary manager from the comfort of your Ikea couch? If you answered at least a “maybe” to any […]

Physical Storytelling with Broken Box Mime Theater at iO

Physical Storytelling with Broken Box Mime Theater Saturday, February 11 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM Full of play and physical exploration, this two-hour workshop will illuminate the superpowers of mime as a storytelling medium…and tool for improvisors! Learn the principles of object-work, explore some useful physical vocabulary, and practice creating environments without a single word. […]

Susan Messing to teach Story Theater at iO!

Susan Messing is bringing Story Theater back to iO! Story Theatre workshop: Isn’t it fun to work together as a group? (don’t answer that.) Balancing elements of stage picture, symmetry, and the joy of whimsy and story, this workshop will make you an immediate rockstar, ready for anything. This goes by in a blink of […]

Can’t commit? Take a Weekly Drop In!

Did you know we have classes that you can attend as much or as little as you want? AND They’re cheap! Take our $20 weekly in-person or online drop ins! Online Improv Drop In: Mon 730-830pm CST In Person Writing Drop In: Wed 7-9pm CST In Person Improv Drop In: Sat 4-6pm CST Go to […]

An open letter to Mick and Jennifer from the iOtc

Dear Mick and Jen, Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You saved Chicago Improv. Thank you for reaching out to the new owners of iO to let them know about the little gem they bought. Thank you for making me your first hire because you knew this was my dream job. Thank you for assembling […]

iO Theater’s Award-winning Comedic Instructors and Faculty

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Reimagined for the next generation of comedians, the new iO Theater has re-opened and launched its upcoming online and in-person classes with award-winning faculty and instructors that are known for their improv, latenite, scene work, and sketch comedy. No matter your experience, iO Theater welcomes anyone with a desire to make people laugh. iO Theater […]