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A fully improvised show with an all-black cast is a rare opportunity. Chicago is filled with
incredible comedic talent, but shows dedicated to black improvisors are few and far between.
Satirical Race Theory (SRT) will showcase the best Black improvisors in the City and make space
for those performers to be silly, to have fun, and to be their authentic selves onstage. At its core,
SRT is a show that removes any expectations for Black comics to perform in a prescribed way.
The show contains classic Improv games and forms that have been updated to give the
performers more room to play, and more room for the hysterical laughter that the iO Theater is
known for producing.

Critical Race Theory has been a point of contention in the country for a while. CRT may be a
topic of debate for some time, but what we can all agree on is that getting black comedians on
stage together makes for a memorable, electric, and hilarious experience. The Performers will
use elements of a typical American classroom to navigate through the show; Each ‘Subject’ and
‘lesson’ is another opportunity for the performers to discover new characters and relationships,
while also giving the audience more moments to witness hilarious, top-notch improv comedy.
For Satirical Race Theory, iO has partnered with the Emmy-award winning dance company, The
Puzzle League. Consisting of about 35 of the best dancers in Chicago, they have competed and
performed all around the nation. Led by choreographer and artistic director Matt Pumanes, the
company aims to continue pushing the envelope and to create a space where dancers can
continue to connect. Just like iO, The Puzzle League gives artists a platform to make bold and
astonishing choices that audiences crave.

Satirical Race Theory will deliver iO’s signature, Award-winning comedy with the best black
improvisors in the city. Come witness this groundbreaking show, running on Saturdays at 8pm
starting April 15th and running until July 1st.

Improv Comedy
The Satirical Race Theory cast will include Andrew Baldwin, Blake Hood, Coco Fernandez,
Cyntisha Coats, Elim Almedom, TJ King, Ian Deanes, Kim Iheme, Mario Turner, Maya
Montrell, Asya Meadows, Morgan Phillips-Spotts, Olivia Evans, Sabrina Odigie, Warren Stokes,
and Raju Ben. The show is produced by Kim Whitfield and Directed by Adonis Holmes.


Tickets are available for sale here.