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Brittany S
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We laughed so hard that our sides hurt! The improvers are quick witted and all have a good energy together. They love what they do! The bar was the most 70’s, old school Milwaukeen basement bar but in the best way. Cozy mod furniture and designs that made me feel right at home, even if I wasn’t seeing a show, I would come and hang out at the bar. ★★★★★
Adam Rowe
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This establishment had been helping me laugh for over a decade. Thanks to the performs and staff for being so AWESOME! ★★★★★
Robert Rochelle
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You really can't beat this place on price for a night out in Chicago. ★★★★★
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Hilarious shows with fantastic casts. An absolute must if you are in Chicago, this is a landmark that changed the history of improv forever. ★★★★★
Brian McMurray
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One of my very favorite things to do in Chicago! So much fun and so funny. Improvised Shakespeare is an absolute must do! ★★★★★
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Home of great improv classes and performances. Four theatres offering varieties of shows from sketch to musical improv. Table service offered in the shows as well as an affordable food menu. The fries are really good and a Chicago dog is only $5! Good drink prices as well.★★★★★