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Susan Messing to teach Story Theater at iO!

Susan Messing is bringing Story Theater back to iO! Story Theatre workshop: Isn’t it fun to work together as a group? (don’t answer that.) Balancing elements of stage picture, symmetry, and the joy of whimsy and story, this workshop will make you an immediate rockstar, ready for anything. This goes by in a blink of […]

A Brief History of Improv

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By Rachael Mason   We can assume there was comedy when the first person fell down. We can assume there was improv when the first lie was told. We can assume there was satire as soon as there were kings.   Let’s take a shallow dip into the pool of the story of Chicago Improv. […]

iO Theater’s Award-winning Comedic Instructors and Faculty

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Reimagined for the next generation of comedians, the new iO Theater has re-opened and launched its upcoming online and in-person classes with award-winning faculty and instructors that are known for their improv, latenite, scene work, and sketch comedy. No matter your experience, iO Theater welcomes anyone with a desire to make people laugh. iO Theater […]