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Musical Improv is the most fun improv to do. Yes? Yes.

Let us show you:

Musical Improv 1: In this introductory level, students of all experiences and backgrounds are invited to learn the foundational skills of musical improv. Topics will include building memorable choruses, syncing up with simple choreography, rhyming fluidly, finding emotional point of view, and exploring genres. In every class students will have the opportunity to apply these lessons to creating engaging scenes and characters, in service of iO’s trademark focus on longform improv! Sign up today to add your voice to a new musical community! If you build it, they will hum!

Musical Improv 2: Improvising a Long-Form Musical This course is all about weaving in the fundamentals of musical improv into a cohesive, long-form improvised musical. Utilizing the format of iO’s current in-house musical, Voila, students will learn how to create opening and closing numbers, compelling characters and thematically interrelated scenes–all while singing and dancing! This class is open to students who have completed Music Improv Level 1 at iO, or received comparable training at an outside institution.

The Teaching Artists-
Sarah Shockey is an iO graduate who trained at Second City Detroit and has performed on Deep Schwa for 6 years. She is the co-host of Marty & Sarah Love Wrestling as well as an artist and writer. She performed in the comedy band The Shock T’s for 5 years, and released World Tour 2010 on Spotify in 2013. See some of her work at

“Diamond” David Yontz has been slinging musical goofs in Chicago since 2010, both as a solo act and as music director for countless sketch and improv shows at such venues as The Second City, iO, Comedy Sportz, and The Annoyance. His accolades include winning the Deli Magazine Chicago Artist of the Month poll in October 2013 and receiving an artist grant from The City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events in 2015 and 2019.

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