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Have fun at work with us
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Have fun at work with us
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Have fun at work with us
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“Games and story bring out the Self, rather than
the ego” – Viola Spolin

Since 1981, the historic iO Theater has been a foundational and ground-breaking institution in the development of long form improv. Our world-renowned improv program is known for launching the careers of some of America’s greatest comedians, such as Jason Sudeikis, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, with more greats on the way! 


What we do

Content Specific Workshops

Meeting and Event Entertainment

Custom Shows

We create fully customizable, interactive workshops designed to energize and motivate participants without making them feel embarrassed or self-conscious. We use improv training tools that foster better communication, agility, and change readiness. And we provide a few hours of laughter.

Why use Improv Comedy in Corporate Trainings?

Improvisation is rooted in a few simple tenets; listening, support and play. The world’s best improvisers are collaborators in the truest form of the word. When we relax our inner editor, trust our scene partner, and invest in discovery, we’re capable of creating something wonderful right away. 

We take the skills that we incorporate on stage and apply them to the real world. We help individuals and teams:

  • Celebrate their choices
  • Trust in their point of view and intellect
  • Accept and build on teammates’ choices and ideas
  • Turn the unknown into shared possibility

In our bespoke workshops:

  1. We take the pressure off of being funny and clever and put it on authenticity and support.
  2. We emphasize listening to understand rather than waiting to respond.
  3. We help people find their hidden superpowers . Everyone has one.


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