he iO Theater Training Center teaches long form improvisation as a performance art. Our classes will give you the skills to create fresh, imaginative, and personal theater that inspires awe and laughter.

“This is the most important group work since they built the pyramids”. -Bill Murray.

Each class meets once a week for three hours, for eight weeks. The average class size is between 12-18 people.

Level 1

This class introduces you to iO’s style and approach to improvisation as created by Del Close and Charna Halpern.


Level 2

Designed to help you discover your strengths as an improviser, this level will focus on character creation, object/environment work, and most importantly, working as an ensemble and building a “the group mind”.


Level 3

This class heavily concentrates on the two-person scene, the anchor of long-form improvisation.


Level 4

This is where you will use all the skills you have acquired thus far in order to create the “Harold”, the signature long-form structure at iO.


Level 5

This is the advanced Harold level, where you will probe even deeper into iO’s signature form. In this level we will focus intensely on the acting, editing, and group commitment that it takes to generate a 30-minute piece while utilizing lessons learned from other longform pieces. This class will culminate in a performance.


Performance Level

The last level of our improv program allows students to use their newly acquired improvisational skills to create an original long-form improvisational piece. At the end of their 8 week class, all level Performance Level students will get to perform their original form during a fun-filled 7 week run.


Improv to Sketch with Norm Holly

Students will learn to create scenes and monologues based on real circumstances
and information. Life experience as well as researched subject matter will be the basis for
character and idea generation.

The first three levels culminate in a performance, followed by a multi-week run of their polished and written work after the final level.


Click HERE for more information regarding our class policies and Registration FAQ. If you have further questions, please feel free to call the Training Center at (312) 929-2401