Mike Bash


MIKE BASH is from NY and super Italian but also says Y’all a lot, so clearly he has range. He has worked and lived all over the world and has found a family everywhere but June’s Cleaver is his favorite sketch team family and he loves playing with these amazingly talented and funny people every month.

He is an actor, producer, writer and a graduate of Emerson Colleges student loans. He also does voiceover and is great at most every accent except Australian. He lived in SE Asia doing a Eddie Murphy voiceover gig for 2 years and can be seen in shows around town at Second City, UCB and here at home at iOwest. Huge Packers, Lebron, Asian food and Bob Ladewig fan. TV: WestWorld, Liberty Falls Film: Doubting Thomas, Beneath Contempt www.imdb.me/mikebash

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