Saturday August 27th and Monday August 29th

IO West is excited to announce the dates for our next round of Harold Team Auditions.  Auditions are open to graduates of the IO West and Chicago training centers and former members of Harold teams.

Sign up for Harold Team Auditions Here

We’re excited about the work being done on our Harold teams and we’re putting a priority on them going forward. We’re looking for committed, talented, hard-working improvisers who want to be a part of amazing ensembles. If this sounds like you, here are some ways you can start preparing for auditions:

Go watch the amazing work being done on our stages.
Tuesday Harold Night is stacked top to bottom with high caliber work. Pockets, Dinner Jacket, Ventra, Secret Twin, and Max do great work every week. Our 2 DCT Harold teams Husky and Slow Hustle are doing fun shows on Friday nights in the DCT. Our Wednesday teams, Granddaughter, Wheelhouse, HeyDay, and King 10 are pushing the boundaries of the form. If you haven’t seen all of these teams recently, make the time to do so before your audition. How do you know you want to be a part of our IO Harold community if you don’t know what that community is like?

Keep an eye out for ‘Tune Up Workshops.’
We’re going to offer a variety of affordable and convenient drop-in Harold workshops over the next few weeks for those looking to get back into the swing of things. They’ll be taught by some of our most respected teachers, coaches, and performers. Watch the IO facebook page and website for those to be announced soon.

Q: What do all these people have in common? A: They’ve all studied and performed at the legendary iO Theater.
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