Joe Bill


Joe Bill is one of the co-founders of the Annoyance Theater, where he performed in and directed over 50 productions from 1987-2000, including smash hits “Co-ed Prison Sluts”, “The Real Live Brady Bunch” and “The Screw Puppies”. At iO, Bill has coached and performed with numerous ensembles since 1985, including the legendary team “Georgia Pacific” and the innovative lights out long-form, “The Bat”. Bill can be seen performing with fellow Annoyance co-founder Mark Sutton, in the nationally touring production “Bassprov”, (which headlined the 2003 Chicago Improv Festival with special guest Fred Willard). “Bassprov” has toured the United States since 2002, and also was named one of the top 10 comedy shows in Toronto in that same year. Bill teaches improvisation for iO, the Second City Conservatory and Training Center, the Annoyance, the Playground and around the U.S., Canada, UK and Netherlands. He started doing improv in 1977.

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