Irene Marquette


Irene Marquette - iO Chicago performer

Irene Marquette starting studying improv and performing with Second City in Las Vegas and has been part of the iO family since moving to Chicago in 2005. She is the creator and host of “The Curio Show” which was originally running at the Upstairs Gallery and has performed solo material at venues including Salonathon, Making Out with Wes Perry and Friends, Chicago Home Theater Project and Core Project. She directed acclaimed reviews by “The Mary Kay Letourneau Players” (Katie Rich and Kate Duffy) that ran at iO and an award winning musical about Lizzie Borden, “40 Whacks.

She can currently be seen improvising¬† at iO with “Super Human” and “Improvised Star Trek” and the Mission Theater’s new revue, “Trap”, directed by TJ Jagodowski and David Pasquesi.

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