The Comedy Video Production Program

The iO Comedy Network‘s Creative Director, Quinn Wilson has designed a Comedy Video Production program that slams a year of film school into a few short classes.

Through this strategically designed, personal-goal oriented class, students learn through lecture, discussion, hands on activities and actually making sketch comedy videos. Students should leave class with the tools they need to go make things on their own and the passion needed to hustle in this tricky industry.

Comedy Video Production 1 – THE TOOLS with Derek Cox

In this 8 week iO Comedy Network class students will learn the basics of how to take your short comedy idea and turn it into a solid video sketch or web-series. Learning video production via hand-on experience with camera/lighting/sound equipment as well as green screen instruction, students learn the basics of camera skill & technology, art & design theory, sound recording, and the nuts and bolts of pre-production (script breakdowns, casting, locations, shot listing, pre-visualization). This class will also discuss the larger film/tv industry and may feature industry professional guest speakers from multiple fields.

When:  Mondays from 6:30pm to 9:30pm beginning August 21st
Where: The Writing Room (located on the second floor)
Cost: $295.00

Comedy Video Production 2 – Production Intensive with Quinn Wilson

This iO Comedy Network class will be a hit-the-ground-running, crash course in making original sketch videos.  Students will make 4 videos in this 8-week class (shooting every other week) gaining a large amount of experience on a film set in a short period of time. We will shoot exclusively student scripts, under 2-pages.  We will utilize the base knowledge and skills learned in CVP 1 as students rotate through many of the crucial roles on a small film set (Director/Producer/Director of Photography/Gaffer/Sound Mixer/Art Director etc.).  This class will be fairly demanding of time and incredibly rewarding in terms of completed materials.

When:  TBA
The Writing Room (located on the second floor)
Cost: $315.00

Comedy Video Production: Pilot/Web Series Development & Pre-Pro with Quinn Wilson

Are you ready to make your big video project and take your career to the next level? Have a great idea/script but not sure how to bring it to life? Our first 4 weeks focus on development, answering the following questions for a specific project you plan to create: WHAT are your specific career goals in making this project? WHAT project scope fits your idea best: 6 min web series pilot, (4) 3 min episodes, a sizzle, full 22min pilot? HOW do you shape your idea to be realistic for your anticipated budget/resources? HOW do you plan to get your project into the right hands: film festivals, social distribution, industry meetings?

Once you learn WHAT exactly you need to make and WHY you need to make it, we dig into the next 4 weeks of the class: early pre-production.  We’ll learn about realistic/feasible budgets and HOW to actually fundraise them;  HOW to schedule your shoot, attract professional crew, locations, and talent; HOW to develop a strong PITCH for you project which will help raise money, attract assets/team, and win over the gatekeepers who can take your project to the next level.

Students MUST arrive to class #1 with at least a detailed outline/one-sheet of their project, though a script is ideal. Students will walk away from class will all the plans they need to actually execute their project.

When:  TBA
The Writing Room (located on the second floor)
Cost: $315.00

Prerequisite: Students MUST arrive to class #1 with at least a detailed outline/one-sheet of their project, though a script is ideal.

Derek Cox

Derek Cox is a Director of Photography and owner of Polymyth Productions in Chicago, IL. In his first year in Chicago, he produced over 100 comedy videos to build up a portfolio for his business. Since then, his clientele has included the likes of Above Average, Discover Card, and GE. He has directed and DP’ed award winning short films, web series, and features that have been screened internationally. His work has been featured on the front page of comedy websites such as Funny or Die and, and has won awards at LAWEBfest, the Vatican film festival, and the Chicago Regional Emmys. He’s also very proud of this TV Pilot he shot/co-directed called Old TownDerek is an improvisor with the Harold team Denver at iO Chicago. To view more of Derek‘s work check out

Quinn Wilson

Quinn Wilson is a narrative and commercial director/producer based out of Chicago. He is rep’ed as a director with Big Spoon Industries, produces freelance on such indie feature as ‘Embers’ and TV commercials with such companies as Explore Media, and is the Creative for the iO Comedy Network  He has experience and a network in the scene in LA & NYC, as well as owning his own production company.  He worked with such companies as Funny or Die & Break Media and works professionally in Chicago with numerous casting directors, agents, production companies and creatives. His films have won various awards at national and international film festivals, including Best Family Film at the Amsterdam International Film Fest. Wilson is also an improvisor as well performing in Chicago Improv Fest, Sketchfest, Houston Improv Fest, Americas Got Talent, and weekly at Chemically Imbalanced Comedy. He prides himself on shaping each class to the wants/needs of his current students to help them learn and grow best as well as promoting a supportive and encourage classroom environment.

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