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Dragons Breath – learn a from that is the pinnacle of group mind! No player on the team leaves the stage at any point, you stay engaged and connected at all times with no sides to retreat to. Each performer is continuously a part of the piece, becoming an architect from within. Using organic transitions, give and take, and non-verbal support skills, you will learn to rock a form that flexes your improv muscles like ever before. The tools learned and used in their workshop can also be applied to any improv show. 

Adal Rifai has been performing and in Chicago since 2007. You can see Adal at iO with the house team Revolver and in the weekly show Whirled News Tonight and around the U.S. with Pudding-Thank-You. Past iO credits include Swim Buddies, Our Feature Presentation: The Improvised Movie, Radical Concept and Hunter Family Crest. He has performed at Second City as a member of Twisty and HouseCo. Along with performing Adal also coaches and teaches at iO and around Chicago, directed the Incubator and coaching program at the Playground Theater and has taught and performed improv all over the U.S. Adal also voices the character Chunt on the improvised podcast ‘Hello, From the Magic Tavern’.

When:  Saturday, June 24th from 3pm-6pm
Where: 2nd Floor Event Space located on the second floor of the iO Theater.
Cost: $30.00
How many: 16 students

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FUN AF with Holly Laurent
Many of our improv habits are based in what we believe we should do instead of what makes it fun. This one-day workshop targets scenic moves that remove over-thinking and replace it with more organic initiations, joyful play and instant agreement. FUN AF emphasizes playing smarter, riskier and more confidently by focusing on great edits, stronger scenes, and savvy long form moves. We will wipe out the pressure, planning and judgement that weigh down your play and pursue funny and compelling scenes that are fun as fuck.

About Holly
Holly Laurent (@laurentholly) is an alumnus of the iO Chicago and Second City main stage where she wrote and performed three critically acclaimed reviews, in addition to performing with legendary Harold team, The Reckoning. As an instructor, Holly has taught the world over, including iO West, iO Chicago, and the Second City where she has also trained. She holds an MA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Columbia College.

When:  Saturday, June 17th from 3:00pm to 6:00pm 
Where: Mission Theater located on the first floor of the iO Theater.
Cost: $65.00
How many: 20 students

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